Last Updated: March 13, 2020

Dear ClimateWorks grantees,

I want to share an update on how ClimateWorks is responding to COVID-19 and to assure you as our grantees and partners of our support during these difficult times. I’m including this link to a message from our CEO, Charlotte Pera, that outlines our actions.

We understand that globally, business, public activities, travel, and supply chains are being severely impacted and that this will affect many of our grantees and the important work that you do. We support the decisions you and your organization are making to address your local situation. These adjustments will in no way impact our support or threaten future funding.

While our office in San Francisco will be closed through the end of March, our operations will continue as our ClimateWorks staff will be working remotely. Please don’t hesitate to reach us by email/phone/videoconference.

We realize that this is a dynamic and evolving situation. During this time, please communicate risks, challenges, and delays proactively to us so that we can be aware of the situation at the project level and discuss the best way to deal with these.

Do reach out to any member of the ClimateWorks team if you have questions or concerns. Hoping that you all stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

Charlie McElwee
VP, Programs
ClimateWorks Foundation