Director of Human Resources

Job Summary

The Director of Human Resources serves on the Finance & Administration team and reports to the Senior Director of Finance. The Director works with senior management to develop, maintain, and update the human resource strategies, processes, and procedures at ClimateWorks. The Director plays a supportive role in the internal cultural development of the organization.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure integration of ClimateWorks Human Resource policies and practices within the organization.
• Ensures excellent employee relations across the organization; addresses and resolves personnel issues and employee grievances as needed.
• Evaluates benefit providers for costs and services and negotiates with insurance brokers, PEOs, and 401(k) providers to offer competitive employee benefits.
• Coordinates payroll processing with Accounting Manager and reviews payroll reports to ensure accuracy.
• Ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local employment legislation and regulations.
• Manages recruitment efforts for exempt, nonexempt personnel, and temporary employees; coordinates recruitment strategies with hiring managers and recruitment firms; coordinates relocation packages, drafts offer letters; and conducts new-employee orientations.
• Monitors employee goal setting and performance assessment procedures.
• Manages the ClimateWorks compensation strategy and annual salary adjustment processes.
• Oversees exit procedures including outplacement counseling and exit interviews.
• Provides HR services to incubated organizations (CLUA, LARCI) as per negotiated shared services agreements and the organizational priorities and initiatives of ClimateWorks leadership. Establishes and maintains HR records for ClimateWorks and its incubated organizations (CLUA, LARCI), including but not limited to personnel files, official job descriptions, and payroll reports.
• Maintains ClimateWorks Employee Handbook and revises as needed. Communicates changes to staff.
• Maintains ClimateWorks HR Policy & Procedure Handbook and revises as needed.
• Administers Family and Medical Leave Policy and maintains communication with employees on leave to resolve any compensation or benefit related issues.
• Maintains ClimateWorks’ organization chart.
• Manages and continually improves employee orientation and termination procedures for new hires, temporary employees, and contractors.
• Promotes a healthy organizational culture and furthers the organizational values of ClimateWorks Foundation through close collaboration with the Executive Team, supervisors, and staff.
• Designs and implements initiatives and strategies that build upon and strengthen a safe, supportive, and creative work environment.
• Plans and executes annual staff retreat and other staff development activities as directed by the Executive Team.
• Meets the professional development needs of the organization and its employees by providing management-requested training, coaching, and development solutions.
• Plans and manages the Organizational Development budget.

Required Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree required.
• At least 10+ years in a management role. Past work at an environmental or other nonprofit organization is a plus.
• Excellent judgment and integrity in dealing with confidential information and personnel matters.
• Expert in organizational processes and development.
• Experience with processing payroll.
• Experience forecasting and managing departmental budgets.
• Past experience with human resource management and nonprofit operations, with specific experience in employee relations, performance management, compliance and training/development.
• Excellent interpersonal and coaching skills.
• Past experience working with a diverse and international network/coalition/organization.
• Past experience working with a PEO is a plus.
• Broad experience working across cultures, languages, and work styles.
• Creative, resourceful, and professional.
• Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills.
• Competence in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Database management skills.
• Ability to work under pressure, set and adjust priorities, and operate with flexibility.
• Commitment to a healthy organizational culture and the mission and values of ClimateWorks Foundation.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to