Seaweed RFP

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The Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal initiative is issuing an RFP on marine macroalgae cultivation and utilization research

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A 10-month contract up to $150,000 USD will be awarded to build a sensitivity model that estimates net CO2 removal and emission reductions associated with marine macroalgae cultivation and utilization.

The project requires a deep understanding of seaweed biology, physical and biological oceanography, industry trends, supply chains, applied economics, marine infrastructure, diffusion of innovation, and life cycle analysis, to name just a few. We therefore strongly encourage collaborations between expert groups.

Scope of Work

This sensitivity analysis will estimate the net CO2 removal and/or emission reductions associated with marine macroalgae cultivation and utilization and serves the following objectives:

  • To identify key variables that will drive the economically viable and environmentally safe potential of marine macroalgae to remove or mitigate >1Gt of CO2 per year.
  • To characterize the quantitative relationship between these variables in a model translatable to a web-based simulation. 
  • To parameterize the quantitative relationship with best available data from literature and/or expert interviews.

The goal of the model is to allow practitioners to i) approximate the biological, technical and economic potential of seaweed as a CDR approach, and ii) explore the driving factors determining CDR potential (space? nutrients? market demand? carbon prices? farm design? photosynthetic rate?). As such, the focus of this analysis should be the realistic characterization of the quantitative relationship between biological, oceanographic, logistic, infrastructure, innovation, markets etc. variables.


  1. JSON compatible model or dataset, ready for translation into web-based simulation (the web-based tool/app will be developed by a web design firm, with some input from the analytical team).
  2. Concise technical summary of the model, including detailed methodological write-up, presentation of the ranges of parameters for key variables as presented in the literature, and the rationale for selecting seed parameters.

Submission Process 

Application is a two-step process: completion of a short pre-proposal, followed by an invitation to submit a full proposal which will be extended to 3-4 finalists.

Please download the application package and send the completed submission form to

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Submission Timeline

31 July 2020, 17:00 PST – Preproposal submission deadline.

4 August 2020 – 17:00 PST – Invitation to submit full proposal

21 August 2020 – 17:00 PST – Submission deadline of full proposal

28 August 2020 – Award decision made

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