Advancing climate solutions during a time of transformation

Blog Post
Published May 3, 2021

Chris DeCardy

Former Acting CEO

As our CEO of 8 years, Charlotte Pera, moves on to the vital role of shaping the future of the Bezos Earth Fund, ClimateWorks Foundation is fully committed to advancing our impact and extending our partnerships during this critical moment for climate progress.

We speak for the entire organization when we say that now is not a time to step back, but to keep moving forward with the speed and scale that the climate crisis demands.

As ClimateWorks embarks on a search for a next permanent CEO, our commitment to our partners during this transition is simple: we will stay keenly focused and deploy our collective capabilities towards fulfilling our mission.

This promise includes continuing to support bold climate solutions that have global scale. It also reflects our commitment to amplify the work of changemakers who deeply understand the needs of their local communities and are leading the way in building solutions. Equally important, we will continue to strengthen our efforts to fully embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into our practices, behaviors, and culture.

We are encouraged by the possibilities, motivated by the urgency, and committed to partnering with climate allies to meet this moment for transformation.

We look forward to continuing to learn from you and work with you in the effort.

In partnership,

Sue Tierney, Chair of the Board of Directors
Chris DeCardy, Acting CEO