Jan Mazurek, Ph.D.

Jan Mazurek, PhD directs the Aviation and Carbon Dioxide Removal initiatives. She has worked on energy and environmental initiatives at the federal and state level for 30 years. Prior to ClimateWorks, Dr. Mazurek was appointed by then-Governor Schwarzenegger to serve as Science and Technology advisor to the California Air Resources Board. Dr. Mazurek recently served in her spare time on the Biden Climate/Energy/Environment Policy Committee. Before CARB, Dr. Mazurek was a member of the Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team, advising on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency toxics, pesticides, and children’s health issues. She has published two books with the MIT Press and Johns Hopkins University presses, respectively, and more than 100 other publications, including op-eds in major U.S. newspapers. Dr. Mazurek has testified on environmental policy matters before U.S. Congressional subcommittees. She holds a doctorate from UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs.

Frances Wang

Before joining ClimateWorks, Frances worked for three years in interdisciplinary environmental research with a focus on action-oriented solutions. As a Research Associate for McGill University, she helped to lead and design innovative monitoring and evaluation frameworks for climate adaptation governance. Frances also worked on renewable energy research at Oxford University’s Low-Carbon Futures Program as part of the Horizon 2020 Projects and green growth strategies at the United Nations Environment Program in Geneva, Switzerland. She is the author of multiple academic and U.N. flagship publications. Frances holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford University with a focus on energy policy and practice and a B.A. in Economics from McGill University.