iGST Equity Working Group


The Equity Working Group (EWG) of the independent Global Stocktake brings together thinkers and practitioners, mainly from the Global South, working on equity in the UN climate regime. The EWG aims to help concretize the Paris Agreement’s mandate to conduct the GST “in the light of equity.”

The group focuses on generating and sharing new thinking on how to consider equity in the international climate regime across the themes of adaptation, finance and support, loss and damage, mitigation, and related topics relevant to international climate governance.


During 2021, the Equity Working Group conducted a series of in-depth exchanges on specific issues relevant to equity in the Global Stocktake, including the challenges of development in a carbon constrained world, fair fossil fuel phase out, climate finance, loss and damage, adaptation, and capacity building. The main insights from these exchanges are summarized in the overview analysis “The Equity Landscape.”

In 2022 and 2023, the Equity Working Group began releasing Negotiator Briefings, each of which focuses on a specific element of the climate equity challenge, addressing it in the context of the Global Stocktake and in a format and style that aims to be useful to UNFCCC negotiators. Most of these Briefings center a “Needs-Based Approach” to the stocktake:

  • Negotiator Briefing: A Needs-Based Approach to Climate Finance (link)
  • Negotiator Briefing: A Needs-based Approach to Loss and Damage (link)
  • Negotiator Briefing: A Needs-based Approach to Assessment and Stocktaking (link)
  • Negotiator Briefing: Equity and the Global Goal on Adaptation (link)
  • Report: The Equity Landscape (link)
  • Primer: Equity in the Global Stocktake and independent Global Stocktake (link)
  • Blog: Experts in dialogue on equity, mitigation, and the role of the U.S. in the Global Stocktake (link)