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iGST Coalition Views: Priority Elements for a Strong GST Outcome


Views from the independent Global Stocktake (iGST) network on a set of potential outcomes to prioritize in the final GST decision at COP28.

These outcomes should be right-sized to be unambiguous and actionable in the near-term, but impactful enough to supercharge our transition toward a safer future. This work builds on previous research from the iGST network and broader civil society priorities and are informed by latest political intelligence. 

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Download our report to see more detail behind each of these five priority outcomes.

Five Priority Areas for the Final GST Outcome

  1. Adaptation: A step-change in the global adaptation response, to ensure adaptation can meet current and future challenges. This must be based on a foundation of better data on existing responses and the most critical gaps, and include commitments to improved national planning paired with increases to adaptation finance, targeted appropriately and made accessible at a local level.
  2. Finance: A pivot in how finance is understood, provided, and mobilized. This GST must bring the world together toward systematic reforms across actors, that scales-up funding in developing countries–particularly that from developed to developing countries, including concessional public finance–and rapidly reallocate all capital away from fossil fuels and other harmful activities.
  3. Mitigation: A renewed political commitment to ambitious 1.5C-aligned Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). This first GST should include clear guidance and new 2030 and 2035 benchmarks including for a just and equitable phase-out of all fossil fuels, food system transformation, and the protection of nature and biodiversity.
  4. Equity: A balanced, equity-based approach to the GST will lend it a broad base of legitimacy among Parties and other stakeholders. The outcomes must include sufficient attention to all three long-term goals of the Paris Agreement as well as loss and damage and response measures, and include a needs-based assessment lens.
  5. Implementation: Strengthened data and accountability mechanisms to ensure follow-through. Gaps in accountability and transparency, including tracking and enforcement mechanisms, have emerged as a clear theme in independent research. The Stocktake must include new commitments to expand accountability and disclosure requirements, with aligned tracking frameworks.

Download our report to see more detail behind each of these five priority outcomes.

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Published September 7, 2023