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Amplifying Climate Philanthropy

When ClimateWorks Foundation was founded in 2008, climate philanthropy was still a nascent field and our establishment represented a major development in both funding and infrastructure. Today, the climate philanthropy ecosystem has grown dramatically and ClimateWorks is evolving in order to meet the needs of our community.

ClimateWorks Foundation - Amplifying Climate PhilanthropyAs the world enters a decisive decade in the fight against the climate crisis, our new five-year strategic plan will guide us as we work to amplify the power of a climate philanthropy community that is larger, more coordinated, more international, and growing faster than ever.

From a new vision and mission statement to a refined set of Global Programs and Global Services, we have sharpened our offerings to help drive the world toward meeting international climate goals.

Read our new five-year strategic plan to find out how we are working to secure a planet that is a thriving home for all living beings for generations to come.

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Published May 18, 2020