Unlocking funding for a sustainable future

Abdulhamid Tahir Hamid of the Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative (GECCI) explains that within the challenges we face with the climate crisis, there are opportunities for collaboration and innovation. GECCI aims to leverage these opportunities by investing in climate education, clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and empowering youth.  

Based in Nigeria, GECCI is a member of the independent Global Stocktake (iGST) West Africa Hub, a coalition of regional organizations advocating for their national leaders to deliver robust responses to the Global Stocktake. 

The #BoldClimateActionIs campaign showcases how our network of partners and grantees is driving bold climate action and how leaders can scale these solutions. Join the conversation on social media and tell the world what #BoldClimateActionIs to you.

“By fostering a collaborative environment and integrating climate-conscious policies, leaders can contribute to the widespread adoption of solutions, amplifying the positive impact on the environment and communities.”
Abdulhamid Tahir Hamid
Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative

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